Meet the Cast and Crew


This here is my family. And I love them deeply. We are an unconventional little unit, bound both by genetics and by free will.

That’s me, Jennifer, the lady in the middle (TK14792) . The two other beautiful young women are my grown daughters, twins, 24. Emma (far right) and Brittany (far left). The hot guy? Yeah that’s my man, Alan. Ladies back off, he’s taken. The sweet little one on the left is Sebastienne (11) and the blossoming young thing on the right is Amelie (14). Now you know the cast and crew.

This is not my first rodeo…I mean family. I raised my twins alone until they were 9 then met my (now ex) husband. He has two amazing children, a daughter the same age as my girls and a son, 2 years older than all three. While that marriage was destined to fail from day 3 of the honeymoon, it lasted 8 years. My ex and myself, for both of our considerable faults, parented well together. Blending a family is not an easy thing and we did it as best as we could. Our children put aside blood, water and anger at the end and chose to remain siblings. They think their parents are idiots but still believe and trust in the bond they formed. The kids are alright.

When I decided to wade into the waters of dating again, I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to become involved with someone with children. I’d been there and done that. I’d raised mine and they were/ are healthy, well-adjusted and happy. I survived the teen years (with 4 teens!). I didn’t really want to do it again.

But then Alan happened.

I had jokingly presented to the Universe a laundry list of qualities I wanted in a man and insisted I wouldn’t settle for less. Right down to “likes camping” and “practices martial arts”. I present exhibit A and B below. He is the biggest surprise and delight to ever happen to me. When the Universe delivers, it delivers.







The clincher, of course, were his girls. Self assured, sweet, funny, kind, polite, intelligent, poised and adorable; both of them. If they hadn’t been them, this may not have been. They have a wonderful mom who I get along with very well so there is no pressure to “mother” them. Just love and mentor and enjoy. I won the lottery in so many ways.

This also, is not my first blog, but probably my third or fourth iteration. I have been scattered and unclear as to what I want to write about and keep re-writing my story (some of you may have heard this all already). If you followed me before, welcome back. If you are new, welcome also. My posts won’t always be this long but I wanted to make sure you knew who everyone is as we go forward.

I’m just a Jenn with a story to tell and hope you’ll join me on the journey.



Author: justjenny72

In my defense, the moon was full and I was left unsupervised.

One thought on “Meet the Cast and Crew”

  1. I love this Jen and so interested to hear how this food journey turns out. Thanks for being unlicensed about this!


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